Going Dark

Steve Fisher is a really smart coach. His defensive philosophy of allowing Baylor's best shooter to get wide open look after wide open look worked well in the second half.

I'm done with basketball for the year. I'll update the record later today. In the mean time, baseball starts on Sunday. Hopefully, our fortunes will change after a crappy football season and terrible March Madness. I'm going to recharge the batteries for the rest of the week and start anew on Sunday.

Good luck if you play anything the rest of the week.


Chynicka said...

Was Steve Fisher the head coach at Michigan during the 'Fab Five' years? If so, his emphasis has changed over the years. First he encouraged players to call timeout regardless of how many you were allotted. Now, as you said, he prefers to run the 'box-and-one' defense, minus the 'one'.