Wednesday 3/4

I'm going to hopefully get to the time series stuff tonight. TheFiancee is off enlightening the minds of America's Youth, so I should have time.

730p Georgia Tech +4.5 -120 2x (not a typo)
730p Pittsburgh -10 +104 3x
8p Houston +7 -108 2x
8p Mississippi State +1 -105 2x
9p Missouri -4.5 -106 3x
9p Colorado +7 -111 3x

If these all lose tonight, I will be in my biggest hole of the season. Which wouldn't surprise me too terribly much. Good luck tonight.


Vegas Watch said...

Just curious, why so high on Pitt?

am19psu said...

More anti-Marquette than pro-Pitt.

Vegas Watch said...

Okay, will I get a real answer if I rephrase the question? Why is Pittsburgh a large play in their game against Marquette tonight?

am19psu said...

Because the line looked like one set to receive public action when I put my leans together this morning.

The Pomeroy numbers with James have Pitt winning by 10.

Pitt is getting 31% of the action at SIA and 41% at Wagerline as chalk, which are both below my threshold for anti-pub chalk.

Marq is 12-4 in conference, Pitt is 13-3, nevermind that Pitt has had a tougher in conference schedule. This also played into my analysis

Most 13/15 vs. 4 games don't feature double digit spreads.

Anything else I'm missing?

Vegas Watch said...

I guess. I just thought the move from 11 to 10 and the fact that MARQ is playing without their well-known senior point guard who they are 0-2 without made it less attractive. And it doesn't seem to me that Pitt is particularly underrated. Fair enough though.