Leans 3/4

Losing two games by the sum of a point is indicative of this little run I've been. Awful.

No afternoon games yet, so no early morning plays.

7p WVU -21.5 vs. Dep
7p NCSU -2 vs. BC
730p GT +4.5 vs. Real Miami
730p Pitt -10 vs. Marq
8p Hou +7 vs. Mem
8p UK -17 vs. UGa
9p UTEP -1 vs. UAB
9p Mizz -4 vs. OU
9p Colo +7 vs. aTm
9p Miss St +1 vs. UF

It doesn't look playable at all, but the 630p Pur/NW game is at the end of the card.

This card seems awful chalky. Mizzou, Pitt, and Miss St are the strongest leans.


ilike#s said...

did you have any problem with the "recent comments" tool. mine seems to not work...

am19psu said...

For whatever reason, it took like 2 days to "get used" to my blog. I have no idea why that would be the case. I mean, it's a computer program, it should either work every time or not at all. But since then, I've had no problems with it.