Wednesday 3/11 - AM

In a vacuum, Depaul seems like an obvious play. Getting 9 from a bubble team today seems quite similar to the obvious play yesterday of getting 9 from a bubble team. Something is making me leary of playing the Demons again and I can't put my finger on it. Good luck if you take them.

230p Charlotte +4 -102 2x
5p Air Force +1 +107 2x
Pass: Depaul

I've got some Charlotte floating out there. I'm hoping it gets picked up. Unfortunately, I can't edit the blog from work. If you check over at RMMB, I can post there and I will make sure it goes up before game time.

I had the AFA line wrong when I posted it this morning. It was +1, not +2.

930p TTech +6.5 vs. aTm
1130p Oregon +9 vs. Wazzu

Not much to see here. Garbage teams catching short numbers against teams near the bubble are going to be plays for the most part.

Streak for Cash
12p Depaul/Providence U147.5 Points
3p Texas' Winning Margin over Dwight Thorne II Points
Current Streak: 0

Why does ESPN keep setting these totals 3-5 points higher than Vegas?


Jonny said...

"Something is making me leary of playing the Demons again and I can't put my finger on it."

This is probably your underlying thinking, but I try to avoid shit teams coming off a big win/good teams coming off a bad loss at all costs. And go the opposite way if the situation calls for it.

Speaking of leary (I think it might actually be leery), if you ever have the chance to read about Timothy Leary, I'm sure it will be of enjoyment.

am19psu said...

Misters Merriam and Webster disagree...