Wealth Destrutction

I would love to know how much money sharps all across Las Vegas and the world have lost over the last eight days. Four ones, two twos, two threes. For the second year in a row, the bracket has gone to complete chalk. On one hand, that should present a ton of value next year. On the other, my bankroll is paltry currently headed into baseball season. Of course, having to reload within the first year of starting a gambling blog would be ironically amusing.

There's not even a lot I can do about it. Who is left that is overvalued besides OU? I suppose you could look at Pitt -2 as a play today, and their Wagerline numbers somewhat support it, but it certainly doesn't feel right to me. I suppose there could be some value in an SDSU vs. Notre Dame final in the Garden Thursday, but otherwise it is just wait and see until April 5.

Streak for the Cash
11a Wales vs. Finland (World Cup Qualifer - UEFA Group 4)
440p UConn/Mizzou U149.5 points
Current Streak: 0

There is a not insignificant chance of a push here (+220) , but Wales is an overwheliming favorite in the match (+120 vs. +200) according to Sportsbook. Note: I didn't control for vig.

I actually thought about playing the under just to get some action today. This will have to do.

I'll be out most of the night, but if I can get TheFiancee's iPhone to work while I'm out, I plan on playing Pitt at 7p.

Good luck with whatever you play.


Jonny said...

I would love to know how much money sharps lost on the zags last night.