Tuesday 3/10 - AM

Lots of things going on here this morning. Let's just get right to it.

12p Depaul +8 +106 2x

Why wouldn't I start off conference week with a short 0-16 dog?

9p Cleve St +5.5 @ Butler
930p USF vs. Hall

I might be out thinking myself with Georgetown, but I feel pretty confident that they are underrated at the moment. I don't actually think that 5.5 is shaded (Johnnies get some HCA) and am looking forward to betting on an anti-pub Gtown +3 in Rd 2.

Streak for Cash
12p Depaul/Cincy U129.5 Points

The O/U is 127.5 at Pinny right now. I don't need much else. If I get the opportunity at work (unlikely due to meetings all day), I would really want to play the Real Madrid W/D since that has a 60% change of hitting according to Pinny.

Good luck and I'll be back tonight.