Thursday 3/12 - PM

At least the Las Vegas Sports Consultants screwing around only cost me two units (Baylor, K-State). It's not like my mediocre record could have used it.

530p Stanford +5.5 +106 2x
630p Duquesne +3 +110 2x
7p West Virginia +4 +110 3x
7p NC State +2.5 +100 2x
7p Oklahoma State +5 -105 3x
9p Richmond +4.5 -107 2x
9p USC ML -120 2x
930p Syracuse +5 -106 3x
930p Virginia +4.5 +103 2x

Where did that card come from? I haven't had a wagering explosion like that in some time.

That USC line is right. Matchbook currently has -1.5 -109. The ML -120 is actually a better mathematical expectation.

Streak for Cash
735p Vanderbilt vs. Alabama
10p Cleveland @ Phoenix
Current Streak: 1

I'm looking forward to another one of these garbage three point favorites losing outright. Looks like Lebron late tonight.

Good luck. I'm certainly going to need it.