Thursday 3/12 - AM

I realize it sounds stupid for me to complain about this, but what the hell are the books waiting for in not opening lines in the A10, BE, B12, or MWC games? AFA, K-St, and SLU are all potential plays. Fortunately, TheFiancee has off today, so I should be able to monitor the lines and have her place the wagers. I doubt she'll update my blog, so you'll have to pay attention over at RMMB.

12p Northwestern +2 2x
230p Iowa +5.5 2x
230p Georgia Tech +9.5 2x

I'm having to float things again this morning because the markets are such garbage right now. For example, the split at MB for the GT/Clem game right now is -110/-106. Maybe I'm spoiled, but I'm not playing an eight cent line in the age of Matchbook. In any case, I'll be on these three games for sure, and possibly SLU, K-St, and AFA. Check RMMB for details.

7p NC State +2 vs. UMd
930p UVa +4.5 vs. BC
530p UNLV -4 vs. SDSU
9p USC vs. Cal

Plus, of course, all the A10, BE, B12, and MWC games that have yet to be listed. This really pisses me off. I'm a degenerate, goddammit.

Streak for Cash
12p Miami (FL) vs. Virginia Tech
230p Villanova vs. Marquette
Current Streak: 1

I don't want to play the total in the Iowa/Michigan game this afternoon, and I won't unless my streak goes back to zero (lean: under). You can look at the line when it opens and figure out which side, if any, of Marq/Nova I might be on.

This is stupid.

Good luck today.