Sunday 3/22 - Afternoon

Wow. The only way yesterday could have possibly been worse is if Memphis, Gonzaga, or Duke outright lost.

1210p Arizona State +2 +105 5x
1210p Arizona State +2.5 -106 5x
1210p Syracuse -2.5 +102 5x
220p Wisconsin +3.5 +103 3x
240p Cleveland State +2.5 +106 5x

I was quite obviously an idiot last night. I floated Arizona State at two different numbers and they got filled at almost exactly the same time. My price on Syracuse is less than ideal.

Streak for Cash
930a NAC Breda (win or draw) vs. Ajax (Dutch Eredivisie)
1p Detroit vs. Miami
Current Streak: 0

I need to stop putting things in before I go to bed. That said, my streak is at zero, so it doesn't really matter.

Lunch and things came up, so I missed the Pens. Going with the Pistons instead.

Sunday Evening Leans
450p Marq +3.5 vs. Mizz
5p USC +4 vs. Sparty

Marquette looks like the right play, but I really don't want to wager on them at a short number.

Good luck today.