Saturday 3/14

Action is getting a little lighter with the tournaments nearing their completion. I'm sure I'll find a way to sneak Duke -7 onto my card.

Earlies (11a-159p)
1p Mississippi State +3.5 -106 2x
130p North Carolina -9 +110 2x

Mississippi State is a 3x play in a vacuum. The SEC is probably total garbage, so it's not totally analogous to Depaul Thursday or Baylor last night in my mind, but the win over SoCar gave me enough pause to slide it back to a 2x.

Middays (2p-359p)

Appetizers (4p-559p)
4p Duke -9 -111 2x

Dessert (6p-759p)
6p USC +1.5 +103 2x
6p San Diego State -1 +103 2x

I changed my mind about a lot of things in the last few hours. This will be it unless I really feel like Nevada tonight.

Nightcaps (8p-12a)
Pass: Nevada

I was really looking for a reason to play the Pack. I guess I'll just have to settle for Streak.

Streak for Cash
130p North Carolina larger margin of victory than Michigan State
6p USC vs. Arizona State
10p Nevada vs. Utah State
Current Streak: 0

I thought about playing Tiger U67.5, but I didn't know how long a round of professional golf takes and I like this play better.

How the hell was UNC a push? I'm just guessing on USC.