Saturday 2/21

I didn't want to post yesterday so that the ridiculously long theory post stayed at the top. Today's leans, without BracketBusters, are located hyah. You can add Davidson, SMC, ND St, and Crate to that list. In fact...

Early Games (12p-159p)
12p Miami (FL) -7 +106 3x
12p Davidson -5 +110 2x

Middays (2p-359p)
2p Cincinnati +5 +102 2x
2p Georgetown -3.5 -102 2x

Appetizers (4p-559p)
4p UTEP +9 +106 2x
Passes: Ore St, SMC

Dessert (6p-759p)
6p Texas Tech +1 +102 2x
6p Iowa State +3.5 -101 2x

Nightcaps (8p-12a)
8p Virginia Tech -3 +108 2x
8p Saint Louis +1 +106 2x
8p North Dakota State -2 +102 3x
9p Texas -1 +104 3x
Passes: Oregon, Auburn

I am trying to show some fiscal responsibility tonight. I really want to make Texas greater than a 3x play, but proper money management dictates I don't. If there were more green numbers than red over there to the right, I'd probably up it.

Good luck tonight.