Leans 2/4

I really didn't have any time to look at KP numbers, so this is all based off different sites' consensus numbers.

Stronger Leans
730p Mizz +3 @ Texas
7p WVU +2.5 @ Cuse
730p GaSt -1 vs. Jimmy
730p MiaFL +3 vs. Wake
7p UVa +2.5 vs. BC
7p Marsh +3 vs. Tulsa
1030p Colo +5 vs. Neb
7p W+M +8.5 vs. NE
730p TCU +4.5 vs. Utah
730p Cincy +2.5 vs. ND
8p Prov +2.5 vs. Nova

Weaker Leans
8p Aub +2.5 @ Miss
7p Rich +5 @ UMass
9p Meth +17 @ Mem
9p Clem +4.5 vs. Duke
7p ECU +3 vs. SoMiss
730p UGa +7 vs. LSU
7p LaS pk vs. Dayton

Wednesday mornings suck for doing this.