Thursday 1/29

An interesting card tonight. I'm really not sure what to make of it. All of the really good plays are from non-BCS conferences. I have a hard time pulling the trigger on a 3x play on the Chips or Bows when I don't really know a whole lot about either team. There was no getting around it with the Owls, though. Everything just lined up there.

7p Iowa +6 +109 2x
7p Florida Atl +2.5 -104 3x
7p Central Mich +4 -108 2x
8p Hawaii +5.5 -107 2x
9p Alabama +4.5 -105 2x
10p Idaho -4.5 +100 2x
11p Gonzaga -9 -109 3x

Good luck tonight.


am19psu said...

Looking at an 0-3 start to the night. Solid.

JP said...

last night was fan-fucking-tastic.