I Hate Aubrey Coleman

I didn't even bet on Houston. However, there is no denying since that game, contrarians have taken a huge hit. Last week, through Saturday, I was riding a +25x streak. Since Sunday, I'm back down 21x.

I don't honestly believe that Aubrey Coleman is the reason for the downturn. As I mentioned a few times last week, I got the good side of variance. Now I'm seeing the ugly. I'm probably no better than a 52-54% gambler, so the return to the mean is inevitable. Still, it really affects my psyche when there is a significant point in the gambling season that coincides with a huge downturn in net profit.

There are a couple of unappealing Ivy League games tonight, a Metro Atlantic game, and a chance to fade Butler, but 17.5 on a garbage squad with a name like Valpo is unlikely to anti-public. I imagine I'll be passing everything tonight.

I can't wait to drop 20x on Saturday.


ontilt said...

Did anyone ever find a video of that last minute of the game? ATH and PTI covered Budinger's face getting stepped on with absolutely no mention of the monumental comeback in the last minute.