Am I stoopid?

Did anyone else realize that you can copy Wagerline data into a .txt file, then open it up in Excel? I wasted a tremendous amount of time in my football posts by not doing this. Now if there were a way to plug final scores in as well, my life would be a lot easier.

EDIT: Here is the procedure. It's really simple.

1. Highlight the data you are interested in. Like this:

2. Hit Ctrl+C on your computer
3. Open up Notepad and hit Ctrl+V
4. Save document off as somename.txt
5. Open Excel
6. Go to File -> Open...
7. At the bottom, where it says file type, choose All Files

8. Open somename.txt
9. Choose Delimited, hit next

10. Make sure only Tab is checked on the next screen, hit finish.

Now all of the data is ready to be processed in Excel. Have at it.


Kyle B. said...

If you could explain how, I know I at least would be much obliged. So, I guess at least I don't think you're stupid.

jwsherjr said...

Copy it, Open an excel book, Hit paste special then click on unicode text.

am19psu said...

Or you could do it that way, too.

am19psu said...

Also, I am disappointed that I forgot to have YouPorn or Redtube open when I took the screenshots.

Eric said...

For comedy value's sake, nothing beats EskimoTube. Work that in to a screen grab and then we'll know for sure that you're aka Vegas Line aka MoneyWatch.

DP48 said...

Anyone know how to get the wagerline numbers into OpenOffice 3.0 or MS Works Spreadsheet? Having trouble converting them into anything more than one long and jumbled column. Thanks, your help is appreciated.

DP48 said...

Nevermind. I figured it out.

GolferTrav said...

I'm on my Mac now and don't feel like getting on my PC to find out, but there's a (fairly) simple way to get this data to update automatically in Excel if the website has it formated correctly.

I'm something of an Excel freak. As a matter of fact, I created a Wager Tracker that I sent to MoneyLine for comments/review and he never got back.

How are you using the Wagerline data? If I get a better grasp of how you are using the data, I can probably help automate a lot of things. Send me an email if you'd like!

am19psu said...


I don't have your email. Mine is am19psu-at-gmail-dot-com. Drop me a line and I'll get back to you when I get home from work tonight.