Week 10 Mumme Poll Draft

Top Five

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Boise State
Georgia Tech
Ohio State

I think the Top 7 were fairly easy to place. I guess Pitt is a legit Top 12 team now. Watch them lay an egg to Jimmy Heisman this week. LSU, Ohio State, USC, Oregon round out the tail end of my ballot because they would be favored over any team behind them. Please don't give me Houston or Utah. Houston was a one point favorite over Tulsa and TCU opened at -17.5 over Utah. Who else can you argue to put in? Miami sucks. Iowa really sucks. Penn State really really sucks against decent teams. Maybe Arizona, but they lost to Iowa. Go Frogs.


Anonymous said...

I'd make an argument for Clemson. They have a terrible record, but they will probably be +1 in the ACC Champ against GT, and would likely be favored over Pittsburgh and possibly Cincinnati.

Kunk said...

Maybe my recollection isn't great, but it seems the college football parity is off the charts this year.

I have no argument with USC and Oregon in your top 12, but only because the other options are even uglier chicken garbage than them.

am19psu said...

Clemson's losses are to GT, TCU and Maryland. One of those keeps them away from any Top 12 discussion.