Frank Calls It A Day

I've been contemplating ending the blog experience for a while now. Some time during last football season, I decided I wanted this to be a place where I could put down all of my crazy ideas and play with numbers to see if I could get better at sports gambling (note: that worked well). I wanted it to be more than a list of my picks and leans. As it stands now, thanks to more responsibility at my real job, I just don't have enough time or energy to do any of the R&D stuff that made me want to have a blog.

I'm not done gambling. I'll still be over in Contrarianville all the time and I'll maintain my record there, plus there is still my twitter account where I can make unfunny comments about games. If for whatever ungodly reason you actually want to follow my picks, I have my own thread pinned to the top of the Picks Forum. I'll continue posting leans in the relevant threads. Sham will host the line guesses for the rest of football season. I'm going to continue doing everything I've always done in terms of preparing for each day/week of gambling. It's just not going to be done here.

There is some decent research in some of the old posts, so I'm not going to ditch the archive. Good luck wagering. I'll be around.