Week 7 Mumme Poll Draft

The coaches' poll is such a joke. I can't wait to see what the Harris folks put out today.

Top Five
Boise State

Next Seven
Southern Cal
Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech

I wanted to drop Boise out of the Top 5, but for whom? USC looked like garbage yesterday. Cincinnati and Iowa don't really impress me.

At the end of the ballot, you can make an argument for Oregon over LSU or Virginia Tech. VT is still a Top 12 team, at least by this year's standards, with losses to Bama and GT and beating a maybe decent Nebraska team while thumping everyone else.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the coaches poll is that crazy. It's clear that Texas-Alabama-Florida should be 1-2-3 in some order. After that, who else is remotely close? Yeah, USC is incredibly overrated, but they are probably a better team than Cincy, Boise, Iowa, etc. The group after the top-3(and probably the 3 best teams, too) are the most mediocre bunch I can remember in a long time.

am19psu said...

I'm not sure the coaches poll is that crazy.

The only reason I said it was a joke was that only ten "coaches" have changed their mind on the #1 team. I agree it is some permutation of those three teams, but if you believe the coaches, Florida is a clear consensus #1.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. I realized I was looking at the AP Poll.