Saturday 10/3

Some of these prices are different than what is currently available because I put all of these in last night.

12p Syracuse +6.5 +100 5x
12p Minnesota -2.5 -107 3x
12p Duke +16.5 +103 5x
12p Michigan State -3.5 -104 3x
1220p Kentucky +15.5 +103 3x
330p Notre Dame -12.5 +105 3x
745p Tennessee -3 +113 3x

At the least, I can see myself adding on UTEP tonight. We'll see about anything else.

9p UTEP +14.5 -110 3x

Good luck today.


ilike#s said...

I think I got the worst lines of all of Contrarianville.

am19psu said...

Are you using Matchbook?

ilike#s said...

Yeah, last night PST.

am19psu said...

Interesting. I started floating everything around 8p EDT.

ilike#s said...

would have been around 2am your time. maybe a lot of east coaster pull their offers before bed.