CFB Week 9 Line Guess Results

Sham won again, but I pulled the margin closer, 2.53 to 3.03. Improvement is nice. Comments below.

am19psu: Clearly, I was on crack when I came up with the UNC/VT line. After putting up lines too large the last few weeks, I overadjusted this week on that game and the Indy/Iowa game. Any games you're pissed at yourself for? I mean, other than gambling at all on Sunday.

Sham: I did most my line guesses during halftime of the early games. Needless to say I was a bit upset and didn't put too much care into my guesses this week. I'm not really pissed about any of my guesses except for maybe Wyo/Utah and ULM/Troy just because I was so far off. A line that I found odd was Tulsa -17. I really didn't expect Tulsa to be that high, I see you believed the same.

19: I know Houston beat SMU by three touchdowns, but it wasn't that much higher than the spread. Are the books really implying that Tulsa is a point better Houston? It's not like GJ Kinne is in any way good.

In a similar vein, I guess the books have been impressed with the Beavers the last two weeks or unimpressed with UCLA. I just took the difference of their Stanford lines in Week 6 (+2, home) and Week 4 (+5, road) respectively and managed to be off by ten freaking points.

Sham: Did some checking and Bo Levi left the game early with a dislocated shoulder against Houston and is questionable for this week's game against Tulsa, that explains it.

I looked at Beavs & Bruins recent lines with UCLA being +9.5 against Arizona last week on the road. Now Arizona > Oregon St, but with Oregon State's close game against USC and UCLA not covering the number last week against Arizona I can see justification for it even though it does seem high.

Getting back to C-USA, Southern Miss is already down to +6.5 against Houston. Interesting, but not surprising.

19: I'm looking forward to potentially wagering on a quarterback named Martevious. It's not like sharps haven't been fading Houston every week (ref. ML).

Do you think we will end up on Florida Saturday in the TWLOCP (again, for some of us) and with Georgia's secondary, is this the week they finally look better than feces?

Sham: Georgia is more of a name than Arkansas and Mississippi State so it is a definite possibility given Florida has only been dominant against Troy and the first quarter against Kentucky. I'm looking forward to Tulane/LSU in a sadistic sort of way. I can't wait to see the Pelican offense march into Baton Rouge.

19: I don't think we'll be on the Pelican, but it was nice of Vegas to set a line that didn't make me immediately nauseous. Staying in the SEC, I guess we should thank Florida for keeping it somewhat close against Miss State. Otherwise, we'd probably be on them against Kentucky, after beating Auburn two weeks ago. Speaking of which, I think we'll both be happy to pass the Ole Miss/Auburn interception fest.

Sham: Interception fest? You must be confusing pro-style QB Jevan Snead and spread-option extraordinaire Chris Todd with some other mediocre QBs. Speaking of turnovers, Nebraska is -13.5 at Baylor. 4 points better than Okie St was last week? That's good to know because I want no part of either team right now.

19: I still don't think Nebraska is that bad. They're unlikely to replicate eight turnovers again and they outgained Texas Tech. Are they a possible Top 12 team like I thought two weeks ago? Doubtful, but it's not like they are garbage either.

Any chance we're on the Pokes this week? I'd like to fade Texas, but I get the feeling I'm not the only one with that opinion.

Sham: Pokes still look to be a sexy team plus the line isn't gross. I can see public rationale for taking Okie St +10 at home against a Texas team who hasn't done much this year (see 2-4-1 record ATS). One game that has definite written all over it is 'Cuse +15 versus Cincy. An odd game I'm interested in is Wazzu/ND, I'm sure Jimmy Heisman will have to engineer a comeback over another quality foe.

19: Yeah, I don't see any way around Cuse. I didn't need those five units anyway.

I wish the books would treat the Rams/Browns/Bucs like they've treated Wazzu the last two years. At least we never get involved with their games. I didn't look at any Heisman press this week. Is Jimmy H still considered a Top 3 contender? Can we just not award it this year? Couldn't you at least make an argument for CJ Spiller at this point? He's had a play over 60 yards in every game this year.

It's almost bed time for me. I think we might be looking at a public dog this week in Oregon. I can't see playing USC as road chalk, but I bet the split is 55/45 or worse on Oregon at Wagerline. Any other games you're interested in?

Sham: NC St is on the radar, I don't see how F$U doesn't put up 50 easy on them this week. Illinois, Vandy, Rizo St and Northwestern all make me groan when I think about playing them so they'll get looks as well. Then there's whatever garbage I dig up throughout the week.

19: Illinois and Syracuse pretty much sum up my life right now.

Anyway, that's it for me. Catch you next week.