Streakin 8/14

I'm pretty sure that the Notre Dame preview is wrong and that I need to fix the Monte Carlo calculator. Somewhere along the way I must have inadvertently changed the program, because the results for the Oregon and UCLA previews I did yesterday were wrong, too. Fortunately, I still have the email from xlssports and can re-download the calculator.

In the mean time, that means no CFB previews today. I still hope to have the Pac10 done by the end of the weekend.

Current Streak: 7

Not much to play early. Toms is my biggest lean, but I have a feeling it's marginal.

Passing Anderson and BC. -160 just isn't going to cut it at W7.

I think I might take the weekend off from doing analyses. I really need to get caught up for my fantasy draft next week. I'm sure both of my loyal readers will be destroyed.