Wednesday 7/1 - AM

I got caught off guard and didn't expect there to be afternoon games today. Whoops.

135p Baltimore +137 2x
335p Oakland +118 2x

710p ARZ (Garland) +147 @ CIN (Cueto)
710p ATL (Jurrjens) -104 vs. PHL (Hamels)
705p CLE (Sowers) -118 vs. CHW (Contreras)

Seattle and Colorado have flashy Wagerline numbers, but neither of them particularly excite me this morning.

Streak for the Cash
10a Hewitt/Roddick 3 or 5 sets
Current Streak: 1

I've got the set prop around 62% to win. Start w/d in the afternoon.

Did the Streakmaster screw up yesterday? The Norwegian soccer game was definitely available when I posted, but obviously was taken down by the afternoon, replaced by an internation friendly the WSOP HORSE winner. Not that it matters.


moneyline said...

Not to be a nit, but the Nats are noticeable in their absence from your afternoon card/pass list.

am19psu said...

I messed up because I got up late. I thought it was a night game and wanted to look into further because the line was curious to me with Johnson vs. Zimmermann. Instead, I was lucky it was an inadvertent pass.