Saturday 7/4

This card isn't as exciting as I thought it would be.

105p TOR/NYY o9 +103 2x
410p San Diego +129 2x
810p Arizona +175 2x
905p Baltimore +138 2x

Streak for the Cash
Current Streak: 6

There aren't any good options for a streak of W3, let alone W6. Needs more WNBA.


moneyline said...

I'd play the Cubs (-162) at 3, 4, or 6.

ilike#s said...

What about 7? Not me.

am19psu said...

I swear, I am a complete retard sometimes. I completely missed that game.

That said, the Cubs are 61.1% to win after juice. I usually try to wait to 65% before I start playing games once I get above 5. Using that guideline, I'll have a 0.16% chance of getting to 21, versus a 0.05% chance if you use 60%. It probably doesn't matter a whole lot because I'm not getting to Bristol, but that was the arbitrary cutoff I made for myself.

Vegas Watch said...

Nice work, Harden. Really, superb.