Saturday 7/18

I don't feel like thinking about baseball at the moment, so I'll be playing the games in waves today.

Earlies (1p-4p)
105p Toronto +107 2x

Afternooners (4p-7p)
405p Balitmore +138 2x
410p Oakland +114 2x

Nightcaps (7p-12a)
705p Washington +106 2x
715p Arizona +103 2x
715p Cleveland +107 2x
805p Minnesota +108 2x

I concur with Jonny's sentiments.

3p Saskatchewan +3.5 +102 2x

Thank you CN8 for satisfying my boredom this afternoon.

Streak for the Cash
330a New Zealand vs. Australia
10a Watson o73.5 strokes
7p Canada (win or draw) vs. Honduras
Current Streak: 0

Canada is about 62% to cover this, if 5Dimes' lines are to be believed.