Saturday 5/16 - PM

Another rousing start to the day. The Nats continue to find creative ways to screw with me, scoring three in the bottom of the eighth to blow the total in Game 1.

610p LAD/FLA u10 +108 2x
705p Washington +110 2x
705p Oakland +112 2x
710p Arizona +111 2x
1005p San Diego +136 2x
1010p Seattle +145 2x

I can't believe I am backing Cabrera again. I should probably play the under in that game, just because my inner square believes Cabrera is going to give up 12 runs.

Streak for the Cash
730p Colorado (win or draw) @ New England (MLS)
Current Streak: 4

I wanted to take Rachel Alexandra, since I'm betting on it anyway. The horse is going off at 8-5 to win, which is about 38.4%, however, when adjusted for the 28.7% cut from the juice, it only works out to 29.9% to win. I don't really want to calculate it, but I don't think the horse is 22.2% to place (though it's likely close), which would be needed to to overcome the Rangers' JA probability.

I'll definitely be on Colorado w/d at 730p. If my streak still exists after the soccer game, I'll probably pass the late baseball prop. If I lose somewhere along the way, I'll be on Boston.

UPDATE 510p: TEX/LAA is on a rain delay, so I opted over to the soccer game.

Good luck.