Saturday 3/7

I'm not terribly enamored with this card from a gambling perspective. However, if you are interested in bubble teams and seeding, this entire weekend is going to be great.

Earlies (12p-159p)

Middays (2p-359p)
2p Texas A&M +1.5 +110 2x
330p Virginia +1.5 +103 3x

Passes: Iowa, Wyo

The consensus numbers aren't really there on aTm, but my gut is telling me this is the right play, with Mizzou coming off the big OU win and likely to move into the Top 10.

Appetizers (4p-559p)
4p Auburn -2 -104 3x

I guess I didn't want to play Arizona State that badly. Since I can't read digital clocks, I missed the tip at 2p (not 6p as I had posted earlier).

Dessert (6p-759p)
7p Richmond +6 -103 2x

Nightcaps (8p-12a)
9p West Virginia -2.5 +107 3x

That'll be it for me tonight. Good luck.

I've decided to keep track of my Streak For Cash, because it's fun and it's my blog. When else am I going to "gamble" on EPL soccer?

Streak For Cash
1215p Manchester United vs. Fullham (FA Cup)
4p Auburn vs. LSU (NCAAB)
9p West Virginia vs. Louisville (NCAAB)
10a Sat Atalanta/AC Milan U2.5 Goals (Italian Serie A)
Current Streak: 0

The hell if I know anything about Italian soccer, but U2.5 is -108 and I'm at 0, so I might as well throw something out there.


jwsherjr said...

I took Fulham in that one.

am19psu said...

It was a coin flip, IMO. Since my streak was at 0, I just took the favorite at Pinny.