Leans 3/18

There are some horrible CBI and CIT games out there. Who watches that junk?

I took off work Thursday and Friday because I'm a complete degenerate. My plan is to do two posts a day during the tournament, one for the afternoon session and one for the evening. Those posts will also contain leans for the following session. The first of those type of posts will be up tonight.

7p Duq +8 @ VaTech
7p Provo -2.5 vs. MiaFL
8p Jville +14.5 @ Fla
8p Ill St +6.5 vs. K-State

I'm not nearly as enamored with any of these as I was about the games last night. I may pass the whole card.

Streak for Cash
230p SK Sturm Graz (win or draw) vs. FC Karnten (Austrian Bundesliga)
Current Streak: 0

Obviously, this is a straight line play.