Saturday 2/7

The early card sucks today. In a flip from the last couple of weeks, though, the late card should be entertaining.

Earlies (12p-159p)
1p Auburn +3 +104 3x
Pass: Towson

Middays (2p-359p)
330p Oregon +4 -101 2x
Passes: Nebraska, Depaul

Appetizers (4p-559p)
4p Kansas State +3 -106 3x
4p West Virginia -11 -111 2x

Pass: E Michigan

Dessert (6p-759p)
6p Southern Mississippi +2 -108 2x
7p East Carolina +2 +103 2x
7p Wright State +2 -104 2x

Passes: Duquesne, Old Dominion

Nightcaps (8p-12a)
8p UL-Lafayette +5 +109 2x
9p Colorado State -2 -111 2x
9p San Francisco +10 +103 3x
10p San Jose State +5 -101 2x
1030p Washington State +6.5 -113 2x
11p Idaho +2 +110 2x
Passes: UTEP, Minny, Texas Tech, Loyola-Mary

This last set has disaster written all over it. I'm not at all excited about them.


Sham said...

The early card will look like a blessing compared to the shit that's coming tonight.

am19psu said...

Playing all these games was stupid, but I just couldn't get away from them. I'm surprised I am the only one on ULaf and the Dons.

I can't wait to play Charlotte for a triple tomorrow and watch them lose by 10.