Wednesday 1/21

How the hell did this happen? I guarantee less than half these leans will be played (Ed. Note: Barely.), but this is my first run through the card (i.e. only really looked at Wagerline numbers). (630p Update) Here they are:

630p Northwestern +12 -105 3x
7p Old Dominion -20 -103 2x
7p St. Bonaventure +11 +102 2x
7p Richmond +3 -105 2x
730p Miami(FL) -6 +100 2x
8p Tulane +6 +101 2x
830p Iowa +3 -101 3x
9p Nebraska +13 +100 3x
9p Kansas State -3.5 -101 3x

No school has tormented over the last calendar year like K-State. I'm sure that won't continue tonight.

7p Duq +7 @ Joes
7p S Car -1.5 vs. Fla
7p Ind St +5 vs. So Ill
7p Rutg +10.5 vs. 'Ville
8p UTEP +6 @ UAB
8p Mizz St -1 vs. Drake
9p Mizz +1 @ Okie St
9p Aub +12 @ UK
9p Mem -26.5 vs. Rice
9p UNC -13 vs. Clem
10p BYU -8.5 vs. UNLV

Line movement was the reason why UNC, Indiana State, Rutgers, and Missouri missed the card (I'm aware Miami was in the same boat, but Pomeroy ended up being the deciding factor there). I hate the Valley, so Mizz St caught the axe. The other leans didn't turn out to be particularly anti-public, so they were easy to get a rid of with a card like tonight's.

Good luck with whatever you play, which could be a lot.