Sunday 1/25

I wish poker and blackjack went as well last night as the sports picks this week. Variance making up for the good night in Vegas, I suppose. Onto today:

130p Vanderbilt -1 -112 2x
2p Marshall +7 +101 2x
2p Toledo +5 -111 2x
345p Ohio State +3 -110 2x
4p West Virginia -1 -112 3x

I'd like to thank Matchbook again for setting great markets. Those juice prices are outstanding.

Ohio State isn't terribly contrarian, but the line is off from Pomeroy by 4 points. This is roughly the time of year when Pomeroy has a large enough sample to start being meaningful. Four points is meaningful enough for me.

Passes, in order: Hall, GW, Indiana.

Good luck today.