Leans 1/20

How often these type of posts go up will be directly proportional to my ability to snooze my alarm twice, rather than the normal four times. From strongest to weakest:

8p E Mich +4.5 @ No Ill
7p E'ville +1.5 vs. Creighton (How does one abbreviate Creighton?)
7p Ill -7.5 vs. tOSU
7p Akron +4 @ Ohio
8p Duke -19 vs. NCSU
8p Colo +10.5 @ TTU

I'm sure this will all change by the time I get home.


moneyline said...

I've been using "Crate". Saves four letters, which is huge IMO.

Eric said...

Why not Cr8t? That's another letter lost. And it's text message appropriate.

moneyline said...

You need to leave this to the pros Eric. Typing ate is TONS easier than hunting and pecking for the "8" key.

Vegas Watch said...


This makes no sense. Come on man. Get your head in the game.